100% Romanian tractor launched by IRUM Reghin

IRUM Reghin has launched the first 100% Romanian tractor, designed and built by the engineers of the company, in the year of the Union’s Centennial and 15 years after the closing down of the production of Romanian tractors.

The first Romanian tractor, TAGRO, is a tractor designed and built by the IRUM Reghin platform.

The TAGRO project was developed in the Research and Development Center for Agricultural and Forestry Machinery – IFOR – which operates in Reghin, Transylvania. This center was set up by the MAVIPROD group of companies in the IRUM factory and involved an investment of EUR 2.65 million, bringing together about 50 Romanian engineers, digi24.ro informs.

The investment in the implementation of the TAGRO project involved another EUR 4,000,000 from the MAVIPROD Group, IRUM’s shareholder.

This tractor is intended primarily for small and medium-sized farms and will be sold on the domestic market as well as on foreign markets. TAGRO will have all the necessary equipment for a modern tractor, including radio commands and air conditioning. Prior to the launch, the tractor was tested in Romania and Italy, and by the end of this year the homologation process will be completed by the Romanian Auto Car Registry.

The starting price for the agricultural tractor will be of EUR 34,500. Serial production will begin in April 2019 and IRUM Reghin estimates that 200 tractors will be produced and sold in the first year, 300 tractors TAGRO will be delivered in 2020, and another 500 tractors TAGRO will be produced in 2021.

2018 is also the year that marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of IRUM and 25 years since the founding of the MAVIPROD group, the majority shareholder of the tractor plant in Reghin.

Currently, IRUM employs nearly 500 employees, and the 2017 turnover of the MAVIPROD group is of EUR 40 million.

Photo: digi24.ro


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