Romanian Drone Development Plans: Military and Agricultural Applications

A Romanian drone for military use could be produced as a prototype next year in one of the Romarm factories, and the design theme for this drone will be ready by the end of this summer, Radu Oprea, the Minister of Economy, announced on Friday. Separately, more than 13 institutions are working on a Romanian drone concept for agriculture, the minister said.
The Romanian company Carfil, a subsidiary of Romarm, a company with state capital, will develop with the American company Periscope Aviation a regional center for the training of drone operators, the Minister of Economy also announced.
Currently, more than 13 institutions are working on the agriculture drone project, and farmers’ associations are involved in this project.
“More than 13 institutions – I’m talking about the Polytechnic of Bucharest, I’m talking about the University of Agricultural Sciences and many who can contribute to a Romanian drone concept for agriculture”, said Minister Oprea.
The Romanian drone was announced last month by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, at the opening of the Black Sea Defense and Aerospace International Exhibition – BSDA 2024.
The representatives of Carfil and Periscope Aviation signed at the Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition (BSDA 2024) a cooperation agreement for the production of a Romanian drone, and recently Carfil, in collaboration with a French partner, will also develop a training center for drone operators.
The center will provide training for both civilian and military drones. The French partner company will provide the necessary training software and operator training simulators.
“Work is progress to make this a regional training center for drone operators in Romania,” the minister also said.
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