Car parts factory in Timis County – closed down as employees stole Lamborghini molds and sold them as scrap metal

A car parts factory in Timis County has been closed down in 2018 and the employees sued the company because they received only three compensatory salaries instead of six, as stipulated in the collective labour agreement.

During the law case, the company’s lawyers argued that the factory was closed down on the grounds that molds worth EUR 200,000 were stolen by more employees and sold as scrap metal and therefore the plant could not deliver on time and at the requested quality the parts expected by customers, reports.

One of the main reasons for increase in costs for the factory and for not being able to honour the orders (on time and at the requested standard of quality) was that several molds belonging to Automobili Lanborghini were stolen by employees and sold as scrap iron, leading the damages for the company amounting to over EUR 200,000, to tensions between the production employees and the employees involved in control operations and, above all, to redirecting the orders by Volkswagen Group to another supplier, the lawyers argue.

Enec Automotive SRL, established in order to carry out the contracts, has thus remained without clients, the file in court reads.

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