Dacia – new record sales in the EU, more than 500,000 cars in 2018

Dacia sold more than 519,000 cars in the EU countries last year, by 12% more than in 2017, according to ACEA figures. Overall, the new car market remained at the 2017 levels, about 15.1 million new cars. The Volkswagen Group has a share of 24% of the EU market and PSA-Opel has 16%.

Dacia has concluded 2018 with a share of 3.4%, with 4% share in December. As compared to 2017, the brand’s share increased by 0.3%. Renault has a 7.2% share.

Germany was the largest European market with 3.4 million cars sold, followed by the UK with 2.36 million units. In France, 2.17 million units were sold, and 130,000 in Romania. The Bulgarian market amounted to 34,000, and the one in Hungary to 136,000.

Volkswagen has been the market leader last year with 11.2%, and Renault was second with 7.2%. The top 5 was completed by Ford (6.4%), Peugeot (6.3%) and Opel (5.7%). Mercedes had the highest sales figures among the German premium brands – 838,000 cars, while BMW sold 778,000, and Audi, 700,000 cars.


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