Dacia Sandero will no longer be made in Romania

Dacia is preparing for the entry into series production of the new Duster, while its older brother, the Bigster, will also make its way to Mioveni from 2025. In this context, Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot said that production of the Jogger and Sandero models will take place exclusively in Morocco.
According to Mihai Bordeanu, Managing Director Dacia Brand for Southeast Europe and Country Head for Romania, the third generation of Duster will go into production from June, followed next year by the Bigster. Thus, Dacia decided to find new homes for its most popular model, Sandero.
The hatchback, which finished second in the European new car sales chart (behind the Tesla Model Y), will be assembled exclusively in Morocco.
Sandero started with the right and the year 2024 in terms of punishments, and the manufacturer announced a series of safety improvements that will reach the Sandero as well as the Jogger.
The brand’s MPV is another model that will be brought over to Moroccan lines to make way for the Bigster and Duster.
Also, the production of Logan will continue in Romania, a model that remains in the top of Romanians’ preferences.
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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Romanian workforce is not cheap any more. So time to move forward in General for the country.