Electricity prices for household consumers to go down as of July 1, ANRE informs

The level of highest prices of energy for household consumers, supplied under the universal service regime, will fall on average by 3.53% against the current levels, ANRE informs.

“According to the legal provisions, the suppliers of last resort are bound to ensure the supply of electricity, in reasonable, transparent, comparable and non-discriminatory conditions, digi24.ro reports.

Following the implementation of the new methodology of calculation and the price endorsement conditions applied by the suppliers of last resort and the last-instance suppliers to the final customers, the ANRE regulation committee sitting today, May 22, 2018, has approved the levels of maximum price for the universal service regime during July 1, 2018 June 20, 2019 for each network area,” an ANRE release informs.

The authority also informs that the level of maximum prices for household consumers will fall on average by 3.53% against the current prices.


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