The price of duty-free fuels in Romania is again higher than the European average

The price of duty-free fuels in Romania has again increased above the EU average, although in the last months of 2018 it was below, the European Commission’s Oil Bulletin informs.

Thus, in Romania, petrol currently costs, without the taxes to the state, EUR 0.501 per liter and the EU average is EUR 0,497 per liter.

As far as diesel fuel is concerned, the price in Romania reaches EUR 0.602 per liter, while the EU average is EUR 0.595 per liter.

Prices in Romania have started to overtake the European average since the beginning of February, with the gap increasing. However, in the last months of last year, Romanian drivers were paying less than the European average.

With all taxes included (excise duties and VAT), prices in our country are below the European average. Thus, petrol costs EUR 1.108 per liter, compared to the EU average of EUR 1.350 per liter, and diesel fuel has a price of EUR 1.192, compared to the average level of EUR 1.192 per liter. Thus, it is to be noted that taxes represent 54% of the price of petrol and 50% of diesel fuel.


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