US: Romanian Black Sea reserves – promising source of energy. We are closely following how the necessary legislation is elaborated

The Romanian Black Sea hydrocarbon resources are a promising, yet unused, energy source that would strengthen the region’s energy markets and the energy security, the US State Department said after the World Gas conference in Washington D.C., message issued at a time when Hungary is attacking Romania on energy topics, and in the context in which Romania has not decided how it will charge future oil and gas operations.

“Black Sea gas from Romania represents a promising yet untapped source of energy that would strengthen energy markets and energy security throughout the region.

We are closely following the developments as the Parliament and the Government of Romania elaborate the legislation that will provide the stable fiscal and legal framework needed for energy companies to invest in the exploitation of this resource. The diversification of resources and of the distribution routes allows energy to be available to all at the best price and prevents any distributor from using it to politically or economically constrain the consumers,” the Department of State says in a message posted on the Facebook page of US Embassy in Bucharest.

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