Vista Bank Funds Green Initiatives: €13.9M to Alive Wind Power

Vista Bank Romania S.A. granted to the company Alive Wind Power One, part of the Premier Energy PLC Group, an investment loan in the amount of 13.9 million euros. The purpose of the facility is to finance the purchase of a wind power park located in Drânceni (Vaslui county) with a total installed power of up to 18 MW.

Georgios Athanasopoulos, CEO Vista Bank, said on the occasion of the signing: “We are glad to grant this credit facility to Alive Wind Power One, member of Premier Energy Group – a valuable partner of Vista Bank and one of the fastest growing energy and power infrastructure holdings in Southeastern Europe – to extend its already successful business in the renewable energy field. It is another important project in the series of green financing through which we contribute to aligning the economy with the European objectives of sustainability and reducing the impact of climate change. Today, more than ever, banks and energy companies need to work together to ensure a better future, based on energy independence and sustainability.”

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