Safetech Innovations cyber security company transferred to the Main Market of the stock exchange

Safetech Innovations, a Romanian cyber security company, present on the capital market since 2021, debuted today, February 6, on the Stock Exchange’s Regulated Market under the stock symbol SAFE, following the transfer from the AeRO market. Safetech Innovations had, at the time of the transfer, a capitalization of RON 216 mn. The company specializes exclusively in providing cyber security services and solutions to local and international companies. Also, Safetech is present in three countries, through the offices opened in Bucharest, London and Abu Dhabi, and this year it aims to open an office in the United States of America as well.

In 2020, when we announced our intention to list on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, we stated that the capital market is an important pillar for us and that its mechanisms will support us in accelerating our development plans. We are thrilled that two years later, we have reached the objectives communicated to investors and shareholders – increasing financial performance, expanding abroad by opening offices in London and Abu Dhabi and soon in the US, and moving to the Main Market. We thank our shareholders, investors and partners for their trust and support in achieving these goals. With this transfer, Safetech Innovations enters a new stage as a trustworthy company ready to seize opportunities in the cybersecurity industry at the global level,” stated Victor Gansac, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Safetech Innovations.

Safetech Innovations is one of the success stories written recently at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, a story that underlines the potential of companies listed on the AeRO Market. The transfer to the Regulated Market represents a new opportunity for the Safetech team to develop and continue the accelerated growth that the company has experienced on the AeRO market, this time with the help of new financing opportunities available on the main segment of the Stock Exchange. As of today, Safetech Innovations, a company that uses its expertise to create a safer cyber ecosystem for businesses with essential security needs, continues its upward trajectory into a new league, and we look forward to seeing how it performs as an issuer of the Regulated Market. Congratulations to the entire team for this performance, and good luck in the future“, said Radu Hanga, President of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Safetech Innovations is the third company to take the step to the Regulated Market, following its debut on the AeRO market in 2021. This transfer shows that the AeRO market is fulfilling its objective as a launching platform for companies with growth potential who want to use all the benefits of the capital market and who see the AeRO market as a site where they can prepare for listing on the main segment of the Stock Exchange. We already have several companies listed on the AeRO market meeting the necessary premises to become companies listed on the Regulated Market, and we hope they will soon follow the Safetech Innovations example. The trajectory followed by the Safetech team is a story about accomplishments at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, and we congratulate it for the steps that have brought it to this important moment in its evolution on the capital market”, stated Adrian Tanase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The transfer of Safetech Innovations shares on the Regulated Market was carried out with the support of Alpha Bank Romania, as an intermediary, Cornerstone Communications, as a consultant on the capital market and Baker Tilly Klitou and Partners, as an auditor.

A business made in Romania grounded on the ambition of visionary entrepreneurs continues its domestic development while approaching global perspectives at the same time, by using the Bucharest Stock Exchange platform and the available capital thereof. We are glad to have assisted Safetech Innovations in this process as intermediary of the transfer to the regulated market of BVB and we hope this move to further support the company’s efforts to become a leader in a top priority sector so crucial under the current environment” declared Nicoleta Ruxandescu, Director of the Investments and Capital Markets Unit within Alpha Bank Romania.

In January 2021, Safetech Innovations overturned all expectations regarding a company’s debut on the stock exchange, particularly the AeRO market. As of that moment and until today, the company has focused on what it does best – providing top-notch cybersecurity services and solutions, while delivering on the promise made to shareholders efficiently. Currently, Safetech is a company whose market value has increased by over 1,600%, from RON 12.5 mn in October 2020 to a capitalization of over RON 200 mn in February 2023, and the transfer to the Main Market represents a culmination of the huge efforts made by the Safetech team over the past two years in the development of the company. At the same time, I am convinced that the good news brought by this company will not end here because the company has the potential to become a significant player in the cybersecurity industry at the global level in the near future,” stated Zuzanna Kurek, founder of Cornerstone Communications.,” stated Zuzanna Kurek, founder of Cornerstone Communications.

Safetech Innovations is the third company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange to move from the AeRO market to the Regulated Market, after Chimcomplex Borzesti (CRC) in January 2022 and Bittnet Systems (BNET) in June 2020.

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