Interview: Smartest transdermal drug delivery fabric to be launched soon

Doctor Akbar de Medici, the founder of Compression Advisory, explained for Romania Journal the concept of compression technology and talked about the new compression products and transdermal drug delivery fabric his company will launch in the near future.

       Which are Compression Advisory’s achievements since its very beginning up to now?

Compression Advisory started as a spin out company from UCLB (University College London Business) in 2009. Our aim was to bring to the mass market medically validated compression products. Our first target was sport, followed by the corporate sector and finally we used these for retail sales. Since our conception, we now are the leading suppliers of compression socks to elite sport in the UK, working with over 3,000 elite professionals (such as the England Football team, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea FC etc).

We supply socks to BP and Exxon Mobile plus leading hospitals, surgeons and physiotherapists. In the last year we have created an e-commerce site ( which has used our success in sport and the corporate market to grow our retail online sales. We are also present in several specialized retail shops in the UK.

        As a surgeon specializing in medical innovation, can you please enumerate the benefits of validated compression technology?

The benefits of compression are several. Firstly, in the medical world, compression is used to help reduce the risk of DVTs (deep vein thrombosis) and in the UK is now part of the hospital guideline to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Also, compression can help with swelling, lymphedema, reducing muscle soreness after exercise, improving muscle oxygenation and with reducing the complications associated with varicose veins.

       How did you come up with the idea of producing compression socks and what are the advantages of wearing them?

The idea of wearing compression socks is well-established in medicine. However, in the retail sector many compression brands did not follow the high standards set out by the medical community.

Our concept at Compression Advisory was to create a brand which maintained the entire medical heritage but did not sacrifice the product quality – this is our VR compression brand.

       What other products or services are you preparing to launch, if any?

We are launching several new products and services and these include:

  • A greater range of compression products, including running tights and shorts.
  • A vein health service. A medical clinic specializing in vein health run by leading vascular surgeons.
  • Travel advisory service for elite sport and the high end corporate market.
  • Our transdermal drug delivery fabric.

      You have mentioned during your presentation at the Virtual Innovation Exhibition in Bucharest the transdermal drug delivery in relation with your company. Can you please provide further details on this?

VR nano is a product developed with the Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials in Portugal. It is a specially designed fabric which has permanent attached nano receptors bonded to the fibres. These receptors can hold onto drug molecules and slowly release them over a 24 hour period. Hence, if the fabric is worn next to the skin it can act as a drug delivery mechanism. At the moment, the fabric has been tested with anti-inflammatory medication but its applications are endless.

      As a profile for our readers, what is your professional and educational background and how do you envisage your career path?

I am a medical doctor trained in London at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. Here I undertook a medical degree (MBBS), a degree in exercise physiology (BSc) and a degree in respiratory physiology (PhD). I have trained in surgery across leading London hospitals (MRCS).

I am now the Founder of Compression Advisory, Associate Director of Elite Sport Research and Development at UCL and the ISEH (Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health) and the Founder of Elite Health Advisory, which manages acute medical pathways for elite sport in London.


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