Romania, 4th in the EU in car exports

Despite the legal framework amendments in the economic field, in the past years, the Romanian auto industry has achieved remarkable performances last year. Thus Romania has become the 4th car exporter in the European Union, right behind Germany in the rankings.

Romania exported in 2018 to the EU by 450,000 cars more than it imported and is on the 4th position in this regard, CarIndustryAnalysis informs.

There are two auto plants in Romania – Dacia in Mioveni and Ford in Craiova, most of the manufactured cars are exported.

The rankings are led by Spain with 1.2 million units exported, with plants owned by Volkswagen and Renault. On the second position is Czech Republic – 954,000 units, due to the Skoda plants and on the third position is Germany – 784,000 units – the largest car market in Europe.

Five other countries also registered higher car exports than imports: Slovakia, France, Hungary, Slovenia and Poland.

Other seven countries registered car imports higher than exports, among them Sweden, Austria and Belgium. Italy imported by 988,000 more cars than it exported and the UK registers the highest deficit of 1.11 million units.

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