Romgaz eyes cooperation with SOCAR for the exploitation of Black Sea gas

The representatives of the gas company Romgaz and the Azeri company SOCAR have recently discussed the possibility of cooperation on large projects. Romgaz intends to expand its operations on foreign markets. On the other hand, SOCAR has expressed its interest in the exploitation of Black Sea gas in partnership with Romgaz.

ROMGAZ General Manager Adrian Volintiru said after meeting the SOCAR representatives that the Azeri company’s involvement with ROMGAZ in large-scale projects would lead to the creation of a major opportunity and opens the road to Romgaz expansion on international markets, a Romgaz press release informs.

ROMGAZ General Director Adrian Volintiru has paid an official visit to Azerbaijan at the invitation of SOCAR officials. They discussed in Baku about the Romanian company’s intention to collaborate both in the onshore area in Azerbaijan and the offshore in the Caspian Sea. “The meetings will continue in the coming period, to concretize what has been discussed. We have also identified the exchange option for gas storage because in the two companies the situation is similar, we have large storage capacities (3 billion cubic meters) and joint intentions to develop this activity in both countries,” Romgaz general manager said.

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