Company that owns eMAG fined by EUR 6.7 M by the Competition Council

Dante International SA, owner and manager of eMAG Marketplace online platform has been fined by EUR 6.7 million by the Competition Council for “abuse of dominant position on the market of brokering services through online marketplace platforms”.

The Romanian competition authority has also imposed a series of collective measures to restore the normal competition environment and to prevent such actions, reads a Competition Council press release.

“Following the investigation started at the end of 2017, the Competition Council has determined that Dante International SA, in its capacity as owner and manager of eMAG Marketplace online platform has trespassed  its dominant position during January 2013-June 2019, by positioning and displaying its own product offer more favorably in the detriment of the offers of the partners who were selling on the platform and with whom it was directly competing.

In this way, the offers of the partners affiliated to eMAG.RO have diminished, which led to affecting the real competition among the product offers on this platform. The company has admitted the anti-competition practice and benefited of a mitigation of the fine”, reads the press release.

eMAG has also reacted in a press release, saying that eMAG and the Competition Council have reached an agreement on the investigated deeds.

eMAG has collaborated with the relevant authority during the investigation and has transparently provided all data and information on the way the Martketplace platform is functioning, for a complete understanding of this new type of electronic commerce (…)

The speed with which we have developed the eMAG platform was not lacking errors, but we learnt every time from the mistakes and they helped us adjust our pattern. The development process of the platform seldom involved quick solutions in the benefits of the customers, but some of them were unpredictable for other parties involved in the platform”, says eMAG.

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