Competition Council – EUR 500,000 fines for 8 taxi companies

The Competition Council has set fines of RON 2.26 million (EUR 505,021) for eight taxi companies in Bucharest and Ilfov County for having a concerted tacit understanding to fix the transport tariffs.

The competition law bans direct or tacit understandings and any concerted practices leading to distort competition on the market. Each company has to set its own independent tariff policy according to the costs and not by coordinated acts with other companies,” a release signed by Bogdan Chiritoiu, the head of the Competition Council, reads.

The companies covered 70 percent of the market when the agreement was reached. The companies are: Pelicanul Grup Taxi (EUR 24,039 fine), Pelicanul Grup International Bucharest branch (EUR 311 fine), Meridian Taxi (38,584 fine), Meridian Taxi Plus (EUR 10,404 fine), Autocobalcescu (EUR 375,831 fine), Confort Taxi (EUR 1,019 fine), Cristaxi Service (EUR 48,963 fine) and Grup AS 2000 Transcom (EUR 5,870 fine).

The Competition Council underlined the companies have been fined for understandings to apply the same transport tariff.

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