Competition Council Investigates Archive Services Market for Pensioners

The Competition Council has launched an investigation into a possible price-fixing agreement by companies that provide archival services to citizens requesting the release of documents needed to recalculate pensions.
The competition authority has indications that a number of companies active in this market have coordinated their commercial behavior through access to sensitive information (rates, indirect expenses and profit margins) with the involvement of the Employers Union of Physical and Electronic Archiving Enterprises in Romania (PIAFER).
Part of the clues that were the basis of the investigation were sent by the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity.

“In this context, unannounced inspections were carried out at the headquarters of PIAFER and of the companies Arhivatorul CBMS SRL, Danielle Digital SRL, Viltehnica SRL, Stefadina Comserv SRL, Uberum SRL, SDA – Servicii De Depozitar și Arhivare SRL and Global Archive Management SRL. Unannounced inspections are authorized by the Bucharest Court of Appeal and are justified by the need to obtain all the information and documents necessary to clarify the possible anti-competitive practices analyzed. Doing so does not prejudge the companies’ guilt,” says a Competition Council press release.

If the Competition Council finds a violation of the competition rules, the companies involved risk fines of up to 10% of the turnover. However, companies that cooperate with the competition authority, under the leniency program, can obtain immunity from the fine or substantial reductions of the fines.

The competition law prohibits any agreements between companies and concerted practices that prevent, restrict or distort competition on the Romanian market.

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