Continental inaugurates new testing laboratories, multi-storey car park in Iasi, following EUR 8 M investment

Continental, a technology company, inaugurated a new building in Iasi, which includes a test area for car braking systems and an aboveground parking lot with 210 spaces for Continental Iasi employees.
The over 8 million euros investment was completed this year and involved the construction of new testing laboratories, laid out on two levels and customized according to the requirements of the business sectors within the Continental group.

The new test area is fully equipped with all the necessary infrastructure to perform functional tests for automotive braking systems (electricity, cooling, ventilation, compressed air, etc.). In addition, the ground floor includes: a garage equipped to the highest standards for testing prototype cars, two car lifts, a brake testing system equipped with a smoke exhaust system, etc.

Approximately 150 engineers from the Vehicle Dynamics department will work in the new test center, with stateoftheart equipment: test stands, climatic and thermal shock chambers, environmental simulators, HILs (Hardware In the Loop) , SILs (Software In the Loop). These will allow the simulation of real working conditions for the products created by the company, and also the validation of the new systems designed for technology development focused on megatrends in the industry.

I’m glad to see another project completed by my colleagues who show commitment and professionalism every day. The building infrastructure respects the latest trends in energy efficiency and sustainability. The roof is completely covered with photovoltaic panels that provide electricity for the electric car charging stations as well as the complete lighting system. During the summer, hot water is produced and delivered only using solar panels located on the roof of the building.

The entire construction has a very efficient thermal insulation, as we used the best materials to maintain a stable temperature of the interior environment, with minimal energy consumption. In addition, we use an intelligent remote control system for technical equipment and its infrastructure, and a parking management system displaying access and availability of spaces”, said dr. Marian Petrescu, Head of Iasi Location at Continental Automotive Romania.
On the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of the new Continental Iasi building, a parking lot with 210 spaces was built in, so now the total parking space for employees is now more than 600 spaces.

I congratulate the colleagues from Iasi for the seriousness and involvement with which they managed to lay another brick in building the automotive future in Romania. Developing new technologies for the automotive industry is essential for developing the industry per se. In Iasi, we create impact by implementing innovative ideas that contribute to the sustainable mobility of the future. Continental is actively contributing to the transition to emissionfree mobility. Approximately one third of the 19,000 employees in the Automotive, Tires and ContiTech sectors of the group in Romania, currently develop products, services, and technologies for the automotive industry worldwide. They provide users with unique experiences by increasing autonomy, safety, and efficiency, as well as through connectivity, automation and interaction said dr. Christian von Albrichsfeld, Head of Country Continental Romania.

Present in Iasi since 2006, Continental carries out research and development for leading technologies in the automotive industry, with an emphasis on software development, cyber security, connectivity, and autonomous driving. More than 2,000 specialists in Iasi work on projects dedicated to smart cities and smart cars, capable of increasing driving efficiency, safety, and comfort.
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