Coronavirus crisis: Farmec starts producing new hand sanitizers

Farmec, the largest Romanian cosmetic producer, has announced it is starting the production of two new 70%-alcohol hand sanitizers, to join the authorities’ effort to cope with the Coronavirus crisis and with the growing need for sanitizers and medical products.

“As for the distribution of these sanitizers-produced as a matter of urgency with the existing resources- the products will be prioritized for the collective consumption, meaning they will be distributed to the public institutions that are fighting in the front line against COVID-19 spread. Then, depending on stocks, the products will be also distributed to the usual sales channels to reach the final consumers”, reads a press release sent by the company.

Farmec also says it is in permanent contact with the authorities and with the raw material suppliers to endorse the production and delivery of biocides.

The company continues the research and development of new hand sanitizers. This week we sent samples for testing to accredited labs abroad, which will last 4-5 weeks,” says Farmec.

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