Corporate Gift Market Booms: Firms Aim to Wow Staff

The corporate gifts market is experiencing stronger growth in 2024 than in previous years, with a roughly 20% higher demand from companies, both multinationals and SMEs. Companies in Romania increasingly want to impress and make their employees loyal through extra-salary benefits as different as possible, but also to be memorable in the relationship with customers and business partners through personalized gifts, says a local manufacturer of customized artisan chocolate and macarons and one of the main companies of personalized edible corporate gifts.

“In 2024, the corporate gift market reaches a new peak and will continue to remain there, given the increasingly prominent trend among companies, including small ones with 5-10 employees, to have budgets dedicated to gifts for employees and partners. If the budgets are increasing slightly, at over 300 lei per gift, the number of requests for gifts is at a very accelerated stage, from companies of all sizes, from various fields, from Bucharest to Constanța, Iași, Cluj Timișoara, but also in smaller cities, such as Brașov and Galați. As an employer, companies want to be attractive to both candidates and employees. In addition, they are aware that an employer-employee relationship is maintained by recognition and appreciation, and then they choose to offer surprises at the office and interesting gifts to team members, in addition to the classic extra-salary benefits. In parallel, they want to be memorable in the relationship with any business partner, turning to personalized gifts. There is a change in mindset, from giving her something because that’s what is done on holidays or another special occasion to the concern of giving her a different, personalized surprise, through which she will impress and be highly remarkable”, explains Dragoș Ungureanu, founder of the corporate gifts company.

What gifts do companies give to employees?

More than 40% of the requests received from companies concern the purchase of gifts for employees, as well as interactive chocolate-making and macaron-making workshops. Employees most often receive macarons and prosecco or wine, either as part of performance rewards or on various occasions, birthdays, name days, March 8, or holidays. Most requests come from employers in IT, pharma, automotive, the oil field, retail, and others.

For customers or business partners, gift boxes containing combinations such as macarons and wine, macarons and prosecco, chocolate and prosecco or wine and chocolate are among the most popular options. Also, in over 99% of cases, these gifts are personalized with the logo of the company to which they are given, thus emphasizing the companies’ desire to mark their presence and offer memorable and distinctive gifts.

Among the most unusual requests so far are: chocolate chip (snack maker), custom pencils that have a lollipop instead of the classic eraser, custom chocolate in various shapes, custom cocktail decorations printed on rice sheets (no taste, unscented), nominally personalized gift box with nominally and individually personalized wine and macarons (with different hobbies, messages and symbolism for each contributor or employee).

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