Cosmopolis completes the acquisition of another 15.6 hectares of land in Bucharest

The plot of land located in the immediate vicinity of the Cosmopolis complex is to be used to expand the complex by building houses, green spaces, swimming pools and other facilities according to the established model.

In the midst of a health crisis, Cosmopolis continues its major investments and completes the acquisition of another 15.6 hectares of land located in the immediate vicinity of the complex. These are in addition to another 10-hectare lot purchased last year.

We continue to invest and aim to build another 500 apartments and villas this year, along with the infrastructure of a real city – and seven more swimming pools. The existing facilities, the diversity of the type of housing and the fact that we offer a unique lifestyle have made the demand for housing in Cosmopolis remain constant, even in these turbulent days. The major interest from those who want to buy a house or an apartment encouraged us to continue the expansion and to purchase this large area of ​​land. All the 9,000 people who now live in Cosmopolis are the guarantee that motivates us to continue towards our major goal: the construction from scratch of the first city in Romania after the Revolution. This year alone, we will invest over 22 million euros in the development of Cosmopolis”, stated Ahmet Buyukhanli, President of Opus Land, the company that develops Cosmopolis.

With the acquisition of 15.6 hectares of land, the procedure for designing the general plan for this area has started, which will include the same mix of facilities that have consecrated Cosmopolis: swimming pools, generous spaces for green areas, relaxation areas and playgrounds.

Recently we chose to sponsor a modern telemedicine solution, through which Cosmopolis residents have free access to medical services. In the next period we will inaugurate the second exit road from the project, towards Tunari. We innovated during this period by introducing digital solutions through which anyone can get in touch with our sales agents and visit us virtually, through video calls. The secret of this project lies in the way we treat those who choose the Cosmopolis lifestyle, they do not become our residents – they are our neighbors”, stated Gabriel Voicu, vice president SVN România and project manager of Cosmopolis.

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