Cugir Mechanical Plant to Hire for 50% Increase in Ammunition Production

The Mechanical Plant in Cugir intends to hire “urgently” 88 people, in order to be able to honor a series of new contracts for the supply of ammunition.

The factory must increase monthly production by 50%, from 500,000 pieces to 750,000 pieces of ammunition, according to a memorandum on the agenda of the Government meeting, reports.

According to the document, operating income would increase by 1,028,000 euros/month. Societatea Uzina Mecanică Cugir S.A. – subsidiary of Romarm National Company S.A. its object is the manufacture of armaments and ammunition.

NATO caliber ammunition is produced there, but small caliber, 5.6 – 12.7, international contracts that require higher productivity. The 88 people will be able to generate a turnover of 1,000,000 euros per month in addition for UM Cugir”, said the Minister of Economy, Radu Oprea.

The minister mentioned that the Mechanical Plant in Cugir is a company with state capital that no longer has any debt.

The Cugir Mechanical Plant concluded firm contracts for ammunition worth 37 million euros. These are contracts for MTS Czech Republic C2A 2/10.01.2023, Armytrans Bulgaria C2A 64//26.01.2023, Radington C2A 572/14.09.2023, Bangladesh Pioneer G 12 700/24.10.2023, Global Militar USA GM 23 – 0185/ 26.10.2023 and Arsenal Bulgaria C2A682/08.11.2023.

Overall, there are about 9.5 million pieces of ammunition, of which 9 million pieces must be made in 2024.

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