Dacia has partially resumed activity amid social distancing actions

Dacia factory from Mioveni, Arges has partially resumed its activity as today, on a volunteering basis. The activities in other units will be resumed as of May 4, Group Renault Romania has announced.

However, employees have resumed their work amid strict social distancing measures, wearing protection masks and gloves, with transparent screens and signs all over to remind them to keep the distance.

Transparent panels have been installed in the cafeteria to separate tables, but also in the locker rooms and in the buses, and even in the toilets to separate the wash basins.

Meetings are taking place according to the same strict measures, with only half of the seats taken.

The activity on the Dacia industrial platform from Mioveni has been partially resumed today, at the Mechanical and Chassis Plant (engines, gearboxes, chassis, aluminium, logistics) and also at the Vehicles Plant, the press shop department. The production, on a volunteering basis, is taken place under protection hygiene, medical and security condition. Each team has been informed about the rules to be strictly followed (…) The route from home to the factory, the access in the bus up to the actual access on the industrial platform are observing the social distancing rules. Upon their arrival, employees’ temperature is checked by a thermal camera. All units are disinfected, while employees are wearing protective masks, “ reads a press release.

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