Dacia Sales Surge by 15% in the Year 2023

The French group Renault presented today its commercial results. Out of the total of 2.2 million vehicles sold worldwide, 658,321 carried the Dacia brand.

Groupe Renault’s 2023 business report shows that the French company’s sales increased by 9% to 2,235,345, with all three brands – Renault, Dacia and Alpine – recording increases in car deliveries. Out of the total of more than 2.2 million vehicles sold last year, 1,548,748 bear the Renault brand (+9.4%), 658,321 are Dacia (+14.7%) and 4,328 Alpine (+22.1%).

In Europe, sales of Renault vehicles increased by 19.3% to 977,635 units (cars + commercial vehicles). With this result, the brand surpassed the growth of the European market (+13.9%) and increased its market share, rising from 5th to 2nd place in the European brand ranking.

In Romania, Renault registrations from 2023 led to a market share of 9.5%, which places the French brand in first place in the category of imported brands (PC + LCV). In a market growing by 12% (PC + LCV), Renault registered 15,319 units in Romania, registering a market share 1.4 percentage points higher than in 2022.

Also in Romania, Renault registered a significant increase in sales in the C segment, with 5,347 units registered in total, representing 50% of total sales of passenger vehicles in 2023 vs. 45% in 2022. The launch of the Austral model and the continuation of the Megane E-Tech Electric and Arkana success stories contributed to this evolution. The main Renault models registered on the Romanian market are: Megane1 (3,010 units), Clio (2,815 units), in the top 10 models of all brands, and Captur (1,987 units), in 16th place in the general ranking.

In the retail segment of the Romanian market, Renault recorded a performance superior to that of 2022, with total volumes of 5,058 units, with a market share of 8.3% and a 42% increase in volumes compared to last year. The models preferred by private customers were Captur, Megane and Clio.

Dacia, on top

Out of a total of 658,321 Dacia cars sold last year, 562,890 were delivered to European markets. According to the brand’s officials, Dacia “is increasingly successful and registers a growth of 17.4% (on a market progressing with 13.9%). The brand thus climbs four positions in the sales ranking, reaching 11th place on the VP + VU market. In the VP segment (passenger cars), Dacia ranks 10th in Europe. Thanks to the good result in Europe, the Dacia brand also reaches a new market share of 3.8% on the VP+VU market (increasing by 0.1 percentage points compared to 2022). Sales data show that the Romanian brand ranked 2nd in Europe in the top of sales to private customers.
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