Damen announced that it remains in Romania, even if it has withdrawn from Mangalia

Damen Holding BV announced on Friday that it will remain in Romania and continue its activity in Galati, even if it has withdrawn from the Mangalia Shipyard. The company’s clarifications come following the extensive information that appeared in the public space regarding the situation of the Mangalia Shipyard and considering the “lack of clarity of several narratives”.

Damen will remain in Romania and will continue his activity in Galati. There is no doubt that Law 187/2023 is applicable and Damen is deprived of operational and managerial control, through the total violation of the initial agreement by the Romanian state, hence Damen’s right to terminate the association contract. This was even recognized in official documents of the Romanian Ministry of Economy. As Damen has notified all the responsible authorities, the termination of the association contract is already in force from 03.08.2023″, reads the statement sent by the Damen group

The group also mentions that it is only waiting for the cooperation of the Romanian side for an efficient implementation of the withdrawal procedure, with as few disruptions as possible for all interested parties. “The solution is not to form committees and commissions. Which is, in any case, too little and too late”, the press release states.

According to the cited source, Damen Holding has not been contacted by any authority and does not currently have discussions with any commission. The spokesperson of the Government has recently claimed that commissions were formed which would have already opened the dialogue with Damen.

On August 4, the minority shareholder of the Mangalia Shipyard, Damen Holding BV, announced in a press release the cancellation of the legal operating framework of the association with the Romanian state regarding the Mangalia Shipyard. Damen’s presence in Romania ensures over 3,500 local jobs, over 400 completed projects and the construction of over 30 defense and security vessels for 14 navies and coast guards around the world, including NATO and EU countries.

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