Danube smoked mackerel, very close to get the European PGI

The ‘Danube smoked mackerel’ file has passed the stage of national opposition and was sent to Brussels according to the European procedures, for registration and acquiring protection at EU level, as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) announced in a press release.

Danube smoked mackerel is made by salting and cold smoking method, specific to the geographical area of origin, which makes it unique product proposed for EU registration.

The other products registered in the European quality system are Topoloveni plum jam (the first product with Protected Geographical Indication – PGI to Romania, in 2011), Sibiu Salami (the second product Protected Geographical indication – PGI to Romania in February 2016), Ibăneşti cheese (the first product with Protected Designation of Origin – PDO for Romania in March 2016).

A European system for the protection of the geographical names of certain foodstuffs (which have a tangible link to the geographical area after which they are named) was established by Council Regulation in 2012.

The scope of the schemes is strictly limited to agricultural products and foodstuffs where a link exists between the characteristics of a product or foodstuff and the defined geographical area. This can be the name of the region, a specific place or in exceptional circumstances, a country used to describe an agricultural product or foodstuff.

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