Danubius and Footprints AI launch extensive Retail Media network in Romania

Footprints AI partners with Danubius, the main supplier of Datecs cash registers in Romania, launching the Retail Media network with the largest geographical coverage in Romania and thus opens, for the first time, access to SMEs to Footprints AI technology. The initiative allows all brick-and-mortar retailers, regardless of size and industry, to become players in the media market and to diversify their income.

The partnership between Danubius and Footprints AI democratizes this transformative technology, opening an unique opportunity for all retailers to increase their revenue by deeply understanding their customers behavioral patterns. Based on customer knowledge data, retailers in the Datecs network can monetize it by providing anonymized access to it to brands wiling to run more effective media campaigns with the help of Retail Media.

The fiscal cash register is not only a tool required by the legislator, but becomes an income-generating tool for all retailers, regardless of the size and field in which they operate.

At the store cashier, the customer’s purchase decision materializes and potential purchases are outlined. Retailers often do not understand why a potential customer for a certain product does not complete a purchase, or why the frequency of purchases is fueled by higher demand in one period, while at other times demand for the same product is low. By analyzing the transactions collected by the cash registers and customer profiling, with the help of Footprints AI technology, these syncops can be eliminated and the sales and revenues of the merchants can be optimized“, says Velin Ganev, Danubius CEO.

Shoppers can be profiled using Footprints AI based on anonymized transaction data collected by store smart cash registers. Shopping cart, accommodation services, restaurant payments etc. provides relevant information about buyers. And the analysis of transactions at the level of the entire Datecs (Danubius) network, with the help of artificial intelligence, gives traders statistics for a better knowledge of customers, and brands, data for more precise targeting, with a greater impact in offline sales.

“It is for the first time in Romania that we are close to the real understanding of consumer behavior and the consumer profile with the help of real data and Artificial Intelligence; until Footprints AI technology, small, irrelevant panels were analysised with outdated methodologies. Thanks to this partnership, we are getting closer to duplicating the successful model of digital advertising in physical retail for brands that need a real and dynamic connection between own messages and consumers at the level of an individual location.

Metaphorically, the differences between this project, which lays the foundations of a national SME ecosystem, and the previous methodology is like between a smartphone and a feature phone”, says Dan Marc, founder and CEO, Footprints AI.

The partnership targets both convenience stores, as well as restaurants and hotels nationwide, which have installed cash registers from the Danubius portfolio. “In this first stage, the owners of the new fiscal equipment Datecs BlueCash 50 (which combines the cash register with the banking POS and sales system) will be able to participate, and the retailers registered this way will not have any additional cost, and will even benefit from an additional income of 25%, subject to certain conditions. It is important to note that all actions generated from this innovative collaboration respect and take into consideration GDPR policies, ensuring partners and collaborators the safety and civic responsibility manifested from the very beginning”, adds Velin Ganev, Danubius Exim CEO.

Footprints AI can analyze customer data like no other solution does at this time.

The data collected in the new national ecosystem of SMEs will contribute to the deep understanding of the Romanian consumer, in an almost real-time analysis system. It will thus be possible to understand consumption patterns and preferences, as well as changes in consumer habits, from one month to another, in direct relation to economic fluctuations and their impact on consumption.

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