Datacor expands services into the solar energy sector

The Romanian IT&C integrator is now providing turnkey Solar Photovoltaic Solutions for companies looking to use clean energy.

Datacor, the Romanian integrator of intelligent communications and infrastructure solutions, aims to offer more sustainable and energy efficient solutions for its clients and to encourage companies to adopt solar energy. Datacor now provides adaptable turnkey solar photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions that enable companies to generate clean, affordable energy for their own consumption.

The Datacor team will help companies plan their complete renewable energy project, enabling them to reduce business operating expenses, increase energy independence and improve predictability of power costs. The design of Datacor’s innovative solar products will guarantee optimal durability as well as increased security to prevent damage.

Datacor will ensure the full setup and maintenance of PV solutions, designed by the company’s engineers to deliver high performance in any weather environment – everything from planning to legal validation, technical documentation, permits, approvals and implementation.

“Our turnkey approach ensures the development of highly customised solar PV energy solutions, so that companies can benefit from reliable, adaptable and affordable solutions that cut energy costs. Installing solar panels helps to alleviate the strain on the local electric grid. If a solar installation is big enough, not only could it power the whole building, but companies could sell electricity back into the grid and receive credit towards future power needs, while also helping to improve the variety of local energy sources,” explained Bogdan Bilegan, Datacor CEO.

As companies emerge from the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, other challenges will remain, such as pollution and the need to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

In the current climate, energy efficiency and increased energy costs have also become a growing concern in the industry, due to the demand for increased processing capacity, and the trend towards IT centralization has significantly increased energy consumption.

Even though investing in solar panels has increased up-front costs, the updated system will ensure more predictable electricity costs and reduced business operation expenses. Most solar power systems pay for themselves within five to 10 years, depending on the size of the system and overall power needs, according to Datacor’s experts.

Romanian companies are showing an increasing interest in complying with environmental good practices, to become certified as green companies, or to simply reduce operating costs, as Datacor has signed contracts for photovoltaic projects of more than 30MW already.

“Environmental protection is becoming a global priority, one which we fully understand and support. At Datacor, we want the company’s development to be as sustainable as possible, so in the company’s strategy we have a 5-year plan to reduce carbon emissions generated by our activity. We continuously invest in the renewable energy production capacity, fleet renewal and afforestation projects with local NGOs. The goal is to have zero carbon emissions within 5 years. With each new project we take on, we focus on providing energy-efficient solutions, as this translates into low operating costs for the client and a lower impact on the environment,” added Bogdan Bilegan.

Thus, Datacor plans to contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. Moreover, at the new headquarters located in Bistrița Sud Industrial Park, Datacor has installed a system of PV panels, designed to increase the energy efficiency of the space and help reduce the carbon footprint, one of the company’s objectives for 2021 being the implementation of the Environmental Management System – ISO 14001.

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