Dedeman to take over the platform of former Letea paper mill

 Dedeman, the local DYI retailer, controlled by Bacau-based businessmen Dragos and Adrian Paval, is taking the last steps to take over the industrial platform of the former Letea paper mill in Bacau. They plan to develop a business hub there, to encompass production facilities, commercial premises, plots of land and buildings, on an area with an industrial destination.

The sale of the real estate assets of the Letea paper mill, the largest such factory in SE Europe once, is conducted through direct negotiation, with an offer of EUR 3,160,000 being launched. The platform of the former paper factory is stretching on about 342,449 sqm, comprising buildings and special constructions.

The sale procedure of the former factory is on outbid procedure until June 30.

In the 80s, the Letea paper mill used to produce over 200 ranges of paper and cardboard, newsprint paper, that used to cover the domestic consumption and a great part of the exports to such countries as USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands, as well as states in Asia and Middle East.

The former paper mill was named after Letea Forest, the oldest natural reservation in Romania.

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