Donalam Targoviste recruits over 250 new employees by the end of the year

Donalam, member of AFV Beltrame Group, one of the biggest steel bars and special steel producers in Europe, is undergoing a period of deep transformation – not only operational but also from the human resources perspective. Since the acquisition of Târgoviște plant at the beginning of 2022 up to present the number of employees increased significantly, aiming to reach 730 employees till the end of the year. Thus, in the following months, the company is accelerating the staff recruitment processes.

The available positions target, on one hand, high school graduates – with or withour previous work experience, as well as high school graduates. Geographically, the campain targets candidates from Târgoviște and from surrounding towns and communes, but also candidates from other areas, willing to commute or to relocate.

The Târgoviște plant resumed its activity in June, putting Romania back on the map of rebar steel producers. Thus, in order to cover production needs and to work at normal flow, a significant increase in the team is needed: rolling operators, steelworkers, mechanics, electricians, welders, crane operators. The company is also hiring graduates, specialists in various fields of engineering – metallurgical, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and civil.

The problem of staff shortages has not bypassed our sector. It is very difficult to find specialists in the field, in the absence of an educational system that prepares young people for these specific professions.

Our strategy is on the one hand to attract new people to the team, regardless of their field or level of qualification, and to invest in their qualification at work. We are constantly looking for new colleagues and will be steadily growing the team over the coming months.

On the other hand, we want to be actively involved in attracting young people and training new generations of metalworkers, together with the authorities and educational institutions”, declared Liliana Bica, HR Manager, Donalam.

In addition to the training they will benefit from, new employees are offered a competitive salary and benefits package (including private health insurance, meal vouchers, holiday vouchers, various bonuses, etc.), and an inclusive working environment where work is carried out in a safe environment with a team of professionals.

All those interested to find out more details about the companyțs approach and about the available jobs are invited to access

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