Draft GEO for capping food prices on the Gov’t list

The Ministry of Agriculture has published the draft emergency ordinance for capping the prices of basic foods, which also contains the list of targeted products. The ordinance is to be approved in the government meeting on Thursday,

The temporary measure to combat excessive price increases applies (…) to the entire chain of production, import, intra-community trade, distribution and retail, for the agricultural and food products described in the annex that is an integral part of this ordinance emergency“, it is stated in art. 2 of the draft GEO.

Among the foodstuff recommended for cheaper prices there are the white bread, fresh cow’s milk 1L, bulk cow’s milk, cheese, plain cow’s milk yogurt, white flour of wheat, cornmeal, chicken eggs, sunflower oil, fresh chicken meat, fresh pork, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh white potatoes, white cast sugar.

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