Dutch company opens hemp-processing factory in Romania

Dutch Hempflax on Friday opened a hemp-processing factory in Alba county, Romania, with the Romanian officials of the Agriculture Ministry, Alba local authorities and Emar Gemmeke, Counsellor for Agriculture, Food and Nature at the Netherland’s Embassy in Bucharest attending the opening event.

HempFlax, the leading Dutch hemp processing company, has invested EUR 5 million in the Romanian hemp industry, against a growing trend in the market for cultivation and processing of hemp, with crops farmed in Romania being sought for export and used in various industries.

Prior to 1989, Romania was the fourth largest exporter of hemp worldwide. However, the amount of hemp grown decreased sharply after that period, reaching only few hectares in 2000. Currently, investors are again turning their attention to this market, reads a press release.

Romania’s current legislation allows the cultivation of industrial hemp. Only a select few varieties can be grown, those that are certified as having a THC level under 0,2%. The strains of industrial hemp Jubileu, Dacia, Diana, Zenit and Denise are Romanian varieties developed by the Secuieni Institute, and can be grown successfully in Romania.

In 2015, the area cultivated by HempFlax is approximately 500 hectares located in Sebes, Pianu and Petresti. Investors expect an increase of approximately 300 hectares per year. The processing capacity of the factory is four tons of stalks per hour, which means a target of 5,000 cultivated hectares in order to reach maximum capacity.

The company is also purchasing the raw material in bales from Romanian farmers, aiming at the same time to establish cultivation contracts with Romanian farmers, supporting the development of the industry.

„With an innovative vision and vigour, HempFlax contributes to the progress of agriculture in Romania. By providing renewable resources, the synthetic fibres made from fossil resources- such as nylon, fiberglass and plastics- can be replaced by fibres from natural resources such as hemp”, said Oana Suciu, the company’s CEO.

HempFlax main product is hemp fibre, used in the insulation and paper industries, in the manufacture of car door panels, and not at least in the textile industry. Hemp ‘wood’ (the interior of the stalks) is used in construction, mixed with hydrated lime to create an ideal insulation and construction material for houses or industrial buildings, replacing traditional bricks or concrete. The company says the process of hemp cultivation is natural and environmentally friendly, as it does not require pesticides, insecticides or fungicides.

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  • yana mihaleva

    hello! do you happen to know any other small companies or cooperatives that work hemp in smaller quantities? i am interested in making a special type of hemp fabric even if its hand weaved, please if you have any information that can help me, i will be very thankful.