Economy minister files complaint to DNA on fraud of Measure 3 programme aimed to give grants to companies

Economy minister Claudiu Năsui has filed a criminal complaint to the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), targeting fraud suspicions regarding the Measure 3 programme through which the Government is giving non-reimbursable grants worth EUR 550 million from EU funds to companies. The aid scheme is meant to support companies that need investments during the pandemic in order to continue their activity.

The Economy minister reclaimed that some entrepreneurs who file projects to obtain grants in the last two days of registrations would have obtained information about the co-financing percentage depending on which the projects were being chosen.

Nasui’s complaint comes after he has recently posted on Facebook that there are fraud suspicions within thin grant programme.

Early this month, Economy minister Claudiu Năsui said that the government measure to help the companies in distress is not achieving its goal, as more than a half of the requests filed by the SMEs were to purchase houses and apartments.

However, Nasui’s predecessor, Virgil Popescu, who currently holds the Energy portfolio told Digi24 that the Measure 3, designed by PNL last year, is good and that entrepreneurs can ask for funds including to buy a building, but destined for production, such as production facilities, and not for apartments or office buildings.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has announced that they will file a motion against Claudiu Nasui, accusing the USR minister that he had an account on the platform of grants for SMEs.

In retort, Nasui said this is not an issue and if PSD files the motion against him, he will reveal in Parliament the logging provided by the Special Telecommunication Service (STS).

“I accessed the platform on December 29 and December 31, before any relevant information had been posted there. So, under no circumstances I intervened in the selection procedure“, Nasui explained.

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