Electronically meal tickets available soon

The employers would provide meal tickets as card that function as an electronic wallet, according to a project of law approved by Parliament and whose rules have been promulgated Monday by Ministry of Public Finances. The new provisions would allow employers to opt for meal tickets in paper or electronic form.

The meal tickets as electronic card represent electronic voucher values, excluding the allowance for individual feeding of employees under the new provisions adopted by parliament.

Issued in the form of a card, these vouchers would have different characteristics but a credit card. The supply for the electronic meal tickets will be made exclusively with their nominal value, provided by the employer.

If meal tickets on paper support does not allow for the rest in purchasing products if the value of purchases was less than the nominal printed on ticket, with electronic tickets can be debit strictly fixed amount for items purchased.

After consultation with employees, the employer can choose the type of meal tickets. Moreover, the company is the one that will pay to the issuers of electronic meal tickets both the nominal value and the costs of issuing the electronic support.

The value of meal tickets will be electronically transferred to employees per month in the last decade of each month for the following month, corresponding to days worked, if the employer has paid the amount to the issuer.

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