ELI – NP project design to keep brilliant minds in Romania

Projects like the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) on the platform of Magurele aim at keeping Romanian researchers in the country and even attracting others from European Union member countries.

“We want to keep Romania’s brilliant minds in Romania and even attract values, excellent researchers from other European Union member states and from the rest of the country. That’s what we do in such projects; just in this ELI project we intend to attract about 1,000 researcher, in a project unique not just in Europe, but also in the world,” Angela Filote, the head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, said during a visit to Magurele on Monday, quoted by Agerpres.

Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) involves building the biggest laser in the world on the platform of the Horia Hulubei Nuclear Physics and Engineering Institute (IFIN) of Magurele.

IFIN general manager Nicolae Victor Zamfir presented the laser project to several guests; Filote was accompanied by European Funds Minister Eugen Teodorovici and Minister Delegate for higher education, scientific research and technological development Mihnea Costoiu; they assessed the status of the works at ELI-NP within the ‘Yes, we care’ campaign for advanced research, organized by the EC Representation in Romania and the Italian presidency of the Council of the European Union. It aims at getting the ambassadors of EU member states to Romania with the European-funded projects.

The first stage of this caravan took Filote, Costoiu, Teodorovici, Foreign Affairs Ministry State Secretary for European Affairs George Ciamba and 15 ambassadors to the PersoTHER project for cancer research and to the ELI-NP.

The EU countries represented at this event were Belgium, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Nertherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

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