Entrepreneurs being sought to contribute to the sustainable development of Romania

EY Romania launches today the new edition of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year. Now in its fifth edition, the program discovers visionary local entrepreneurs, agile leaders who innovatively address the challenges of the present and have a positive impact on communities.

The entrepreneur who will be designated the winner will represent Romania in the global competition EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year. The gala will take place in Monaco in June 2021. In the 5th edition of the local competition, in addition to the great title EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, the award for EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year in Technology and the award of excellence for a successful Family Business will also be given.

Moreover, given the social and economic context we are going through, two new categories have been added:

  • Social Responsibility in the context of Covid-19
  • The most successful business transformation during the Covid-19 period

“Through the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year competition we aim to discover and recognize the merits of those who continue to innovate and create jobs, leaders who manage to overcome the difficult moments created by the pandemic crisis and who actively contribute to building a better working world. EY World Entrepreneur of the Year ™ is the only global entrepreneurship competition that rewards successful leaders around the world. This year we are at the 5th edition at national level, having at the same time a tradition of over 30 years globally “,
says Bogdan Ion, Country Managing Partner, EY Romania and Moldova and Chief Operating Officer for EY Central Europe and Southeast and Central Asia Region.

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year – Romania 2020 edition will have the following calendar:

  • Registration of candidates: July 8 – September 25, 2020
  • Interviewing candidates: September 25 – November 13, 2020
  • First and second rounds of judging: January 12, 2021 and January 26, 2021
  • National award ceremony: March 25, 2021, Bucharest
  • EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Gala: June 2021, Monaco

The independent jury consists of 3 entrepreneurs and 2 top executives, including the winner of the previous edition, Ovidiu Șandor, Founder and CEO of Mulberry Developments (Jury President), Mihaela Bîtu, CEO of ING Bank, Rucsandra Hurezeanu, Founder and CEO of Ivatherm, Cristian Rusu, founder and CEO Casa Rusu and Fady Chreih, CEO Regina Maria.

The candidate can register alone or can be nominated, with his consent, by another person (a partner, consultant, client, supplier, employee, family member, etc.).

The eligibility conditions for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program are as follows: the entrepreneur must have a business that has been established for at least 3 years, have a steady income stream of at least 2 years and a minimum of 10 employees. The candidate must play an active role in the business and hold a significant part of the company’s subscribed capital (minimum 20%). Romanian nationality does not condition participation in the competition, but it is important that business operations take place mostly in Romania.

In this edition, the EY Romania team will award a prize for Social Responsibility during Covid -19 to entrepreneurs who have been involved in protecting communities and an award of excellence to a family business in Romania, which will prove that it is ready for a harmonious transition to a new generation and to a sustainable business. In the previous edition, the Family Business Award was won by the Boromiz family, who lead the Boromir group.

The award for The most successful transformation of a business during the Covid-19 pandemic will be given to the business that has demonstrated flexibility and adaptability to the new realities in the business environment induced by the global health crisis, by the sponsor of the competition, LGT Bank.

For more details about the program and for registration, please access eoy.eyromania.ro.

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