Entrepreneurs Sandu and Sergiu Băbășan launch Indicathor ESG

Entrepreneurs Sandu and Sergiu Băbășan are investing in a new tech project – Indicathor ESG, the first Romanian platform based on AI, which automatizes the data collection and generating sustainability reports, thus enabling the companies’ compliance to the ESG standards  (Environmental, Social, Governance) and implementing the sustainability strategies.

The launch takes place in the context where the European legislation on sustainability reporting is becoming more and more stringent and marks a crucial step towards a more sustainable future for the Romanian business environment, offering a holistic approach to the management of data relevant to sustainability. Currently, only a marginal number of companies in Romania allocate significant resources to sustainability. However, recent changes in European legislation indicate a trend of accelerated growth in interest in this area, with forecasts indicating an extension of mandatory reporting to all companies with over 50 employees in the next two years.

Indicathor ESG is aimed at ESG consulting companies, experts in the development of sustainability reports and strategies, as well as companies aiming to develop their own strategy in this area. Targeted strategic partners include renowned entities from the banking sector, Big 4 companies, insurance and sustainability specialists.

“Through Indicathor ESG, we aim to revolutionize the way companies approach sustainability: we transform the complexity of data and regulations into simplified and accessible solutions, thus ensuring an efficient and responsible transition to a sustainable future. It is a fusion of our technological and ESG expertise, built to empower organizations to take important steps towards social and environmental responsibility,” says Sandu Băbășan, serial investor and entrepreneur.

“Our solution encompasses both ESG knowledge, having partnerships with experts alongside whom we develop the platform, as well as technical expertise – things that lead to an integrated solution, capable of becoming a companion for our clients, interested in a sustainable future,” he says Sergiu Băbășan, serial investor and entrepreneur, noting that, currently, the size of the ESG market is similar to the size of the eCommerce market in 2007, and the investment in the development of this platform takes place following the careful analysis of the need in the ESG market for a technological solution state-of-the-art that can automate this segment.

A team of eight tech and ESG experts are at the core of Indicathor ESG.

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