EUR 23.5 M agriculture investment in Timis

TC Capital invests 23.5 million euro into the acquisition of a grain and oilseeds farm located in Buziaș, Timiș county. This transaction is the second major agricultural investment of TC Capital after KC Agro, its first agriculture investment in 2014. Both investments are managed by Turkish businessmen Ali Capa and Ertugrul Karaevli. The property is situated approximately 35 kilometers from Timișoara and was bought from Gespie SAS, a French company. The transaction was concluded in July 2020, with the assistance of Dentons law firm, and the acquisition was partially funded by Libra Internet Bank. This deal is further strengthening TC Capital’s position in the Romanian agricultural sector, in which the company already owns, through KC Agro, two other farms located in Buzău and Brăila counties, totalling approx. 2,900 hectares.

The farm operates approximately 6,550 ha of arable land and TC Capital’s representatives plan to diversify the operations into value-add intensive farming activities such as blueberry and hazelnut orchards and extensive organic production of grains and oilseeds.


Ali Çapa, CEO of TC Capital and Managing Partner of KC Agro: “With the purchase of this new farm, KC Argo’s exploited surface has reached nearly the 10,000-hectare mark, which makes it a notable agricultural player in Romania. Our operations are now distributed in different geographic areas, which makes the management of risks generated by the weather conditions easier. With this new project, we are also aiming to diversify our product mix. Besides conventional production of grains and oilseeds, we want to expand into value-added and high yielding products such as organic production of grains and oilseeds and intensive farming activities, namely the development of orchards in our new farm near Timișoara.”

The assessment and negotiation process started at the end of 2018, and the main advantages of this property are, amongst others, a good historical rainfall statistics and favourable microclimate, the quality of the soil in this area, and the compact nature of the land that makes it perfect for the cultures that will be grown here. Other benefits are the fact that partial irrigation systems are already in place, and the climate and the soil are propitious for high yield products that can thrive here.

“We are optimistic that this property will be a profitable one starting from the first year of operations. KC Agro, our first investment into agriculture, has been a very successful venture in its 6 years, yielding strong operational returns throughout. Agriculture, as a sector, is very much shielded from the negative impact of economic crises, and the performance and valuations stay intact through the downturns, such as the one we are experiencing due to Covid-19 pandemic. We did not see the adverse effects of the crisis in agriculture so far. The price of agricultural land has been on the rise, now for the 20th consecutive year, therefore this makes the capital gains aspect of the business quite strong. With this opportunity, I would like to thank our financing bank Libra Internet Bank and our legal advisors Dentons for their support in this transaction,” concluded Ali Çapa.

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