Farmec enters franchise market by opening first franchised store in Bacau

Farmec, the largest cosmetics manufacturer with 100% Romanian capital, has officially launched the franchise system for its Gerovital stores, the company’s leaders have told a press release on Wednesday.

The expansion strategy comes following a growing business year by year, as well as amid increased sales across brand stores.

The first franchised Gerovital store has been inaugurated in Bacau on June 11.

Mircea Turdean,  Farmec General Manager said the company wants that its success story represents a business opportunity for other entrepreneurs as well.

“We are glad to announce that we’ve opened the first franchised store. Farmec is a Romanians successful entrepreneurship model, and now we want it to represent a business opportunity for other entrepreneurs or for those who want to become entrepreneurs. We encourage and support them from the very beginning to have courage and determination, so that their business could grow as best as possible, considering the huge potential of the brand, but also the market demand. For many companies like Farmec, the franchise represents a strategy of quick expansion, but, for us, it means the ideal occasion to lay the foundations of a strong entrepreneurial culture together with our franchisees, by encouraging them to start a Romanian business, defined by such values as innovation, efficiency and tradition”, said Turdean.

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In his turn, Tudor David, Farmec Marketing Manager said that the Farmec franchisees have the advantage of not starting a business from scratch, but enjoy a notorious brand and a consistent know how training.

Farmec has been always concerned of what the Romanian consumers need. The upward trend of the sales represents the confirmation of the people’s trust in the company and in its products. Unlike the entrepreneurs who are opening a business from scratch, the franchisees are benefiting of a portfolio of notorious items, which are very well known by consumers. They can enter a competition market using the sales and marketing techniques that Farmec has improved for decades. Practically, they can benefit of all the necessary know-how and they can develop more quickly,” Tudor David said.

Mircea Coman, Commercial Expansion manager, stated that the franchise market in Romania is on an upward trend and is also endorsed by the economic growth, by the purchasing power and by the consumption trends.

“We could notice lately that more and more entrepreneurs want to get associated with the strong Romanian brands, which are able to compete with the international producers. Farmec wants such partners in its team, to be interested in the cosmetics industry, to understand the company’s values and mission and to actively contribute to the Gerovital evolution”, he pointed out.

Those who want to become Farmec franchisees will need a budget of at least EUR 50,000, with more than a half of it going to furnish the Gerovital store.

In exchange, Farmec will provide a complete know-how package: from guidance to support in opening the store up to sales techniques and regular training programmes. Further details here.

Besides developing the franchise system, Farmec is continuing the expansion of its own brand stores. Therefore, a new Gerovital store has been opened today, June 12 in Băneasa Shopping City, the 20th one in the country and the 27th in Farmec commercial premises chain.

Farmec, the largest and oldest Romanian cosmetics brand, is currently selling its products in 30 countries. Gerovital is Farmec’s most known brand and one of the most famous Romanian brands ever.

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