Fashion Days appoints new GM

Fashion Days, the leader of the online fashion market in Romania, also present in Bulgaria and Hungary, announces changes in the management team starting on April 1, 2024. After a period of over seven years at the company’s management, during which he was the leader of a process of transformation of the brand and growth of the Fashion Days business, Robert Berza retires from his position, handing over the role to Cristina Pîrjol, Commercial Director Selection from over eight years.

“My colleagues have been aware for over a year of my intention to take a second sabbatical starting this spring to enjoy quality time with family and friends. This move is part of a broad process that has included delegating responsibilities, organizational restructuring and empowering colleagues in roles with more responsibility. After two periods of robust growth at Fashion Days, we decided it was an opportune time for a new leader to take over the company to propel it to a new level. Cristina is the best person to guide the company in the coming years. Currently, Fashion Days is enjoying an impressive growth rate and is engaged in a remarkable process of expansion through various business models, including consignment, cross-docking and door2door marketplace, with plans to triple its product range in the coming years. In this context, the most capable person in the fashion retail sector in Romania, who also represents a model for our organizational culture, is undoubtedly the most suitable to lead this transformation,” said Robert Berza, Fashion Days General Manager.
In 2017, Robert Berza took over the management of the Fashion Days team, contributing to the growth of the business 3.5 times and ensuring long-term profitable stability. Recently, it has focused on integration with group programs (such as Genius, Wallet, easyBox adoption and quick return) and investment in marketplace solutions. Last October, Fashion Days initiated a partnership with Tradebyte, Europe’s largest integrator of marketplace solutions, which foresees expanding the product range by 75,000 items by this spring.
The eMAG Group appointed Cristina Pîrjol to take over the management and drive the continuous development of the business model and the growth dynamics of Fashion Days. 
“We are perhaps in the most promising period in the history of Fashion Days, ready for rapid expansion in the coming years, on a stable and profitable foundation. Everything we have achieved in the last seven years under the leadership of Robert Berza has prepared us for the future, where we aim to strengthen our leadership position in the online fashion market, diversify our business models and expand our partner network and product offering.This progress would not have been possible without the support of the group, a united and dedicated team of the Fashion Days brand, always ready to exceed its limits, something that makes our journey in the coming years much easier”, mentioned Cristina Pîrjol.
With a career of over 22 years in fashion, starting with the position of Country Manager for Tom Tailor Romania in 2002 and continuing with the roles of Retail Manager at Elmec Romania in 2006 and Commercial Director at Follie Follie Romania in 2008, Cristina made the transition to e-commerce in 2011, as Head of Buying at Fashion Days Group. The integration into Dante International in 2016 brought him the role of Commercial Director for the fashion selection, contributing essentially to the expansion of the portfolio of partners and brands in the fashion and sports categories.
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