Alpha Bank Romania launches three ESG investment funds on the local market

Alpha Bank Romania introduces to the local market three investment funds part of Alpha (LUX) Global Funds, managed by Alpha Asset Management A.E.D.A.K., the Alpha Bank Group company specialized in fund management, and supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier from Luxembourg.

Alpha (LUX) Global Funds incorporate environmental, social, and governance criteria (ESG) in the investment analysis and in the decision-making processes, while offering an amplified diversification for various types of assets, geographical regions and currencies.

“The three investment funds offer access to international financial markets, being adapted to the profile of investors interested in sustainability within their investment portfolios. Investors can build their portfolios on this ESG observance of the objectives that ensures compliance with environmental, social and governance criteria, thereby aligning their investments with personal values, as well as with broader objectives of the society”, said Mario Penados, Personal Banking Division Director of Alpha Bank Romania.

The three funds — structured as fund of funds (FoF) and available in EUR and USD denominations—are registered in Luxembourg and address investors who wish to have a flexible and diversified portfolio with a global asset allocation in the medium to long term investment horizon.

Alpha (LUX) Global Defensive FoF offers a diversified portfolio of mutual funds, including ETFs, managed by leading international asset managers, who mainly invest in euro-denominated bonds, money market instruments and deposits as well as European equities.

Alpha (LUX) Global Balanced FoF invests primarily in units or shares of UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) or other UCIs (Undertakings for Collective Investment), providing exposure to a moderate global asset allocation portfolio.

Alpha (LUX) Global Themes FoF offers a diversified portfolio of equity mutual funds, including ETFs, and seeks to identify opportunities in areas such as climate change, innovative technologies, evolving consumer trends and demographic changes.

Alpha Asset Management A.E.D.A.K. is a signatory of the United Nations’ “Principles for Responsible Investments” initiative and actively supports the sustainable development of the economy with its investment approach.

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