Credit Europe Bank Romania to Merge with Parent Company Credit Europe N.V

On the 7th of June the General Assembly of Shareholders of Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. approved the intra-group cross-border merger. The cross-border merger is an extensive process that depends on several factors and is subject to approvals from the Romanian and Dutch regulators.

After the merger, Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. will continue its activities in Romania as a branch office of the Dutch parent company.

The organizational change within the Group is part of Credit Europe Bank’s strategic review to enhance its operations based on expertise and common resources. It supports the bank’s plan to continue sustainable business in Romania and will facilitate offering reliable products and easy-to-use financial services.

The Credit Europe Bank team will make sure that customers will be able to continue using its products and services without any disruptions throughout the entire process, while each client’s deposits will continue to be guaranteed through the deposit guarantee scheme in place in the European Union, which is already used in Romania as well.

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