Libra Internet Bank has 3 bond issues listed on the stock exchange with a total worth of over EUR 48 M

Libra Internet Bank continues its financing through the stock exchange with a third bond issue, worth 4.262 million euros. The bonds will trade on the main section of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol LIBRA32E.

Libra Internet Bank has sold this year 8,524 subordinated bonds, eligible for Tier 2 capital, denominated in Euro, non-convertible and unsecured bonds, during a private placement held between July 12-26, 2022.  The bonds have a nominal unit value of 500 EUR per bond, with a 10 years maturity (July 29th 2032) and a fixed coupon rate of 6.5% per annum, paid semiannually.  The brokerage for the offer was provided by TradeVille.

“The almost EUR 50 million EUR that we have attracted through the three bond issues so far perfectly express the high level of trust Libra Internet Bank receives from its investors. We know how to stay dynamic in decisions and consistent in strategy, regardless of the period, and this ensures our solidity and sustained growth in a market where, for a very long time, Libra Internet Bank has been perfectly describing the trendsetter’s profile in banking. We are really proud to be once again present on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, for the third consecutive year. We would like to thank the investors and everyone who turned this third Libra bond issue into a new success story,” said Emil Bituleanu, General Manager of Libra Internet Bank.

“With every round of financing, we take a new step in supporting companies listed on the stock exchange, and also in supporting the local economy. The third Libra bond issue, in euros, thus reinforces the idea that the capital market is an accessible tool for issuers looking for funding. We are delighted that Libra has once again found in us a reliable partner for supporting and implementing growth plans. Congratulations and I wish you the best of success for the future” said Radu Hanga, President of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

December saw a new bond issue at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, this time from Libra Internet Bank, which issued corporate bonds worth over 4 million euros on the stock exchange’s Regulated Market. Altogether, these three Libra bond issues amount to over 48 million euros. The trust placed in stock exchange mechanisms shows us that issuers have found the solution they needed to finance their plans. We are delighted to see issuers returning to the stock market with bond issues, and we hope that more and more listed companies will continue to take advantage of local capital market tools” said Adrian Tanase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“TradeVille’s primary goal has always been to support investors in their efforts to identify the most interesting investment opportunities. This is why the successful brokerage of the Libra Internet Bank bond issue shows that we can find attractive opportunities, even when the market is not at its highest level. We would like to continue working with high-performing companies that offer attractive yields for investors. With this event, I’d like to acknowledge the successes of Libra Internet Bank in the field of digitalization, recently lauded with the title of “Digital Bank of the Year”, and I wish them success in all their future endeavours”, said Miriam Andrei, Managing Director of TradeVille.

The first bond issue from Libra Internet Bank, worth 4.29 million euros, has been trading on the Multilateral Trading System since September 3rd 2020, under the ticker symbol LIBRA30E, and the second, worth 40 million euros, has been trading since December 3rd 2021 under the ticker symbol LIBRA28E, on the Regulated Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

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