Fin Min Teodorovici announces fiscal rating for companies as of 2019: A, B and C

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has announced on Wednesday that amendments to the legislation will be considered. He added that several amendments have been approved by Parliament to the Government Emergency Ordinances 25 and 89. One of them introduces the classification of companies on the basis of three criteria, informs.

“We will classify the companies by three criteria, A, B and C. In the first category will be included the companies with no liabilities to third parties. For me it is especially important to observe your obligations to the third parties. A fair behavior to third parties and to the state is needed. If you are a company in this category, then you should benefit from some incentives, maybe no checks, other kinds of funding, a treatment to encourage the voluntary compliance,” Teodorovici said.

The Finance Minister added that the amendment has been voted.

“We shouldn’t regard the companies as large, small of medium sized. But on the way they observe the obligations to the state and to the third parties,” Teodorovici said.


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