Fondul Proprietatea plans to list Salrom in 2024

Fondul Proprietatea (FP) is considering listing on the stock exchange the share package it owns in the National Salt Company (Salrom), valued at 297 million lei. FP owns 49% of Salrom, the rest being controlled by the Romanian state.
In the 2024 budget, the Fund includes costs estimated at 8.2 million lei related to the Salrom listing, including investment bank commissions, legal advisory fees, commissions and taxes owed to ASF and relevant market operators, expenses related to marketing activities and other expenses consultancy and assumes the successful completion of the transaction.
“The 2024 budget does not include any assumption regarding subsequent cash distributions resulting from the listing. Estimated expenses are based on a number of assumptions depending on the current situation of the project at the time of the preparation of the Budget for the year 2024, but the result of the listing depends to a large extent on future actions and circumstances beyond the control of the Fund. Therefore, it is not possible to make a reasonable estimate of the volume and price of the listing at the time of the preparation of the 2024 Budget“, FP says.
Last year, Fondul Proprietatea listed Hidroelectrica on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, this being the largest IPO in the history of the local market, reaching a total value of 9.3 billion lei (1.8 billion euros).
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