Joining the eurozone could be the next major project for Romania, says EC representative

Joining the euro could be the next major project for Romania country, the aim being that, after accession, Romanians live as well as the citizens of countries in the eurozone, said on Monday the head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, Angela Filote during a press conference.
“Joining the eurozone is one of the active files for Romania as an EU member. There are three open files: the Schengen accession, the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) and joining the euro. For the Schengen accession, Romania has fulfilled all conditions. Now the decision-making process moved from the technical area in the politico-diplomatic one. The CVM is subject to debate with many interesting points of view. On joining the euro is not an issue if Romania will join, but rather when and how,” said Filote.
She said that joining the euro could be the next major project of the country.
“There is an agreement and commitment between the European Union and Romania already taken by the accession treaty to the EU. Joining the euro could be the next major project of the country. It needs a broad support beyond ideological differences that may arise. We have a target set by the Romanian Government: 2019. Prior to joining the euro, it is about joining the foreign exchange mechanism. How is it done? The answer is predictable: structural reforms,” said the head of the European Commission Representation in Romania.
Also, Angela Filote also said she wants the membership to bring benefits to common people.
“We are talking about real convergence. The nominal one is a chart with some indicators that are met. What we want is that after accession Romanians to live as well as those in other eurozone countries. We want to ensure that from the process of accession, as the one to the EU, benefits common people,” added Filote.

The conference organized on Monday by the European Commission aims to discuss the necessary steps to adopt the euro, considering both nominal convergence criteria and real convergence ones, and the steps needed to reduce the current gap against the euro area countries.

Among the participants: Angela Filote (Head of European Commission Representation in Romania), Istvan Szekely (General Directorate for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission), Mugur Isarescu, BNR Governor, Valentin Lazea (Chief Economist, National Bank of Romania), Guillermo Tolosa (IMF representative in Romania).

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