OTP Bank Romania grants financing of 15 mil. Lei for Nutriva, with a guarantee from EximBank

OTP Bank Romania granted a loan amounting to 15 million lei for Nutriva Feed Mill (Fabrica de Nutreţuri Combinate Nutriva) in Vaslui county, while Eximbak has issued a state guarantee which covers 90% of the financing. The guarantee is issued through the Covid-19 governmental aid scheme dedicated for large companies and SMEs with a turnover of more than 20 million lei in 2019.

The funds granted by OTP Bank Romania, with EximBank guarantee, will be used for expenses related to the company’s ongoing commercial contracts, as well as the general expenses.

Nutriva Feed Mill is part of the Safir Group of Companies, a 100% greenfield Romanian business started 30 years ago, which produces poultry meat, cooked and ready to cook poultry meals under the Deliciosul de Vaslui, Zdravăn Moldovenesc and Fomică? brands.

“Internationally, family businesses contribute for the economy development, and we want this to become a trend for local companies as well. As active supporters of the business environment, we are grateful that we can be part of Nutriva’s story, a company with an authentic story, written with passion. We have the role of advisors and supporters for business initiated with passion and we continue to be reliable financial partners in supporting strong and courageous businesses, such as Nutriva.”, said Roxana Hidan, Deputy CEO, Business Division Coordinator, OTP Bank Romania.

„We are delighted that, together with OTP Bank Romania, we can contribute in streamlining a Romanian entrepreneurial business production chain, through an increase of capital for its current activity. Guarantees are an important component in accessing any financing, and EximBank has the capacity to structure, in partnership with commercial banks, efficient solutions that facilitate access to advantageous financing needed by large companies and SMEs to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.”, said Traian Halalai, Executive Chairman of EximBank.

„We are delighted and encouraged by the support offered by OTP Bank and Eximbank in supporting the activity of the SAFIR Group of Companies, by financing the current operations of Nutriva Feed Mill

From our point of view, this transaction is a further confirmation of Eximbank’s involvement in supporting domestic capital and OTP Bank’s determination to develop long-term partnerships with key players in relevant industries.

It is proof that, once again, through continuous involvement and professional approach, such transactions with real added value can be generated both for the involved partners, as well for the entire regional economy, especially in this challenging period.”, said George Safir, General Manager of Safir Group.

Nutriva Feed Mill (FNC Nutriva) was inaugurated in 2013, following an investment that exceeded 6 million euros. Subsequently, through the development of activities and capacities, the investment reached about 10 million Euros. The factory has an important role in the integrated production process of Safir Group of Companies, as it allows a careful supervision of product quality, from the initial phase, and provides the feed for the poultry raised in its own units, and others.

FNC Nutriva facilities have an area of ​​almost two hectares, that include: raw materials and products silos, a specialized laboratory for cereals and product control, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, optimal storage spaces and its own specialized transport fleet. The factory´s processing capacity reaches 15 tons of granulated feed per hour, produced mainly for its own farms, partnered farmers, and other collaborators. Safir´s story began on September 26, 1991, in Văleni, Vaslui county, as a small family business of Ghiorghi Safir, from a wool comb and a mill. Today, the Safir Group of Companies produces, within an integrated system, poultry meat, cooked and ready to cook poultry, it operates four poultry farms, its own packinghouse, a ready cooked an ready to cook products factory, a fodder plant and a protein flour processing unit.

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