PM Ponta: I don’t believe in a compulsory conversion of CHF loans

The problem of loans in Swiss francs can not be solved by compulsory converting them into another currency, after Hungarian model, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said in an interview for

“I don’t think that every time a crisis occurs on a free market, the state must intervene to resolve it. Solutions must be taken from some countries where these worked. The current crisis should be resolved in Switzerland, all countries were affected. The first solution was that of rescheduling, but this means paying on a longer term,” Ponta stressed.

He also added that banks should better inform their clients about the products they offer and should bear part of the losses caused by Swiss franc crisis.

Head of the government said at the same time that there is no market economy that works without banking system and that any withdrawal of money from the country would affect both the state, which finances its deficit with their help, and companies.

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