Romania to borrow EUR 305 M from EIB to build Regional Emergency Hospital in Cluj

The Romanian Ministry of Finance has prepared the draft to approve a financing of EUR 305 million, signed by Romania with the European Investment Bank (EIB) in order to build the Regional Emergency Hospital in Cluj.

The loan represents approximately 67% of the net cost of the Cluj Regional Emergency Hospital, the difference of approximately 150.4 million euros (33%) being provided by the Romanian side, from non-reimbursable funds and from the state budget.

The final loan reimbursement date, which is granted on very favorable terms, is up to 72 months from the signing of the loan agreement. “It can be drawn in a maximum of 30 installments, the minimum value of a tranche being 10 million euros “, says the Ministry.

The investment of approximately 454.4 million euros consists in the construction of a new regional hospital in Cluj, with 849 beds.

The Cluj Regional Emergency Hospital will be a complex of buildings with 7 floors, will have 744 beds in the acute care ward with hospitalization and 105 beds for intensive care. The project will be completed in 2026.

According to the feasibility study, the built area will be 151,891 sqm, with a footprint of 28,883 sqm. The building will have 7 levels, including a basement that will include a parking lot, and the above-ground part will have a horizontal portion that will house the services of diagnosis, intervention and treatment and three towers with a square section for hospitalization units. An H3 heliport will be built on the roof of the building. The hospital will also have spaces for educational and research activities.

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