Romanian fintech named the best digital microfinancing platform in Central and Eastern Europe

Omnicredit, the first microfinancing, scoring, and factoring fintech platform in Romania, wins the “Best Digital Lending in CEE among FinTechs” award in “The Best Lending Digital Solution in the CEE region” category, awarded by the SME Banking Club association. The awards ceremony took place on the 29th of November in Krakow, Poland. In this category, 34 companies in countries such as Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Slovakia, Omnicredit taking the first place along with Lemonero, a fintech of Czech Origin.

Omnicredit is a Romanian fintech that supports small and medium entrepreneurs by financing up to 250.000 lei with a 100% digital solution. The company’s mission is to propel the Romanian entrepreneurial environment and facilitate access to financial resources adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs. The company currently has four product categories – factoring, scoring, microloans, and the credit line for supplier payments, destined for small and medium enterprises that face challenges in accessing traditional financing.

Small and medium enterprises play a central role in the Romanian economy by creating jobs and contributing to the economy development. The latest data demonstrates that the sector represents 66% of total private-sector employment and contributes 56% to the gross added value, according to data published by the European Commission and the Central Investment Bank. Moreover, micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees and a turnover lower than 2 million euros represent one of the most important economic sectors, which is the reason why we aim to provide small entrepreneurs with personalized solutions to achieve their business goals. By bringing to the market a completely digital and high-speed solution, we ensure that the needs of entrepreneurs are always understood and satisfied”, declares Elisa Rusu, CEO of Omnicredit.

For the “Best Digital Lending in CEE among FinTechs” award, 18 indicators were considered, such as the multitude of steps the client must follow to access financing, the ease of the process, the automation of the approval process, obtaining the digital signature and the possibility of signing online. 34 companies from 10 countries participated in this category, and Omnicredit stood out for the innovation brought to the field of financing, the technologies used, and the speed and automation of the process.

This award represents the recognition of the efforts of the entire team and our collaborators, validation of the innovation of the Omnicredit platform, and the quality of our products and services. We are grateful for this achievement, and we aim to remain leaders in the online-only microfinancing market. We want to contribute to the development of the local fintech sector and its international positioning, strengthening investors’ trust in Romanian companies to stimulate innovation and competitiveness in the digital financing field”, continues Elisa Rusu.

The SME Banking Club is an association of bankers to provide relevant information about the services and products that banks and financial companies offer to small and medium-sized enterprises, founded in 2010. Between November 29-30, the association organized the CEE23 SME Banking Event Conference, awarding prizes in multiple categories to companies from Central and Eastern Europe that stood out for innovation, speed of process, accessibility, and quality.

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