Romanians started to pay their debts on loans

The total value of overdue loans in RON of the population and companies, registered in May 2016 amounts to RON 8.215 billion, down by 6.5 percent from the amount reported in April, while the arrears on loans in foreign currency amounted to RON 10.179 billion (equivalent), down by 6.2 percent, according to National Bank of Romania (BNR) data released recently.

Total loans in RON reached in May, RON 117.674 billion (by 1.54 percent higher than the previous month), of which RON 55.521 billion were contracted by economic agents and RON 58.529 billion loans made by households.

Foreign currency loans totaled RON 103.135 billion in May (0.22 percent less compared to April), of which RON 50.049 billion were loans contracted by economic agents and RON 51.018 billion – loans taken by the population.

At end-May, Bucharest residents had outstanding loans worth RON 1.826 billion in national currency and RON 4.224 billion (equivalent in foreign currency).

Total loans in RON for the capital reached at RON 40.106 billion, while those in foreign currencies at RON 48.192 billion.

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